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In Development

2019: Strange Realms VR

2020: Secret Card Game (shh)

(202X: Project X on ice for now)


This Strange Realm Of Mine

Genre: FPS, Poetry, Feel Good, Psychological Horror

Platforms :  PC   

Planned Release: 19 July 2017

Game Info

This Strange Realm Of Mine is a First Person Shooter mixed with poetry and psychological horror. Graphic style is 3D mixed with pixel art.


Oh No! Bugs!

Genre: Arcade

Platforms :  PC   

Planned Release: Aug 2016

Game Info

Oh No! Bugs! Is a casual arcade game where you squash bugs by pushing blocks. Play solo or with friends, locally or online!



Genre: JRPG

Platforms :  PC   

Released: Q1 2016

Game Info

3DRPG is a voxelized old-school RPG where you explore a Randomly Generated world filled with random dungeons, towns and people! Every character in the game is recruitable. Hunt for prey or go fishing for food. Search for treasure in dungeons and fight monsters on the way!


Koala Kids

Genre: Puzzle platformer with Co-op

Platforms :  PC  (Desura, soon on Steam)

Released: 2014

Game Info

One day, when the koalas in Koala Land were asleep, hunters came  and captured the koalas!  They intend to sell them *oh noes*. But, they missed two koalas, Koko and Lala. It's now their mission to rescue their friends! How? By collecting as much treasure as they can, to buy them back from the greedy hunters!  Not all hunters are   so keen on that idea, and they will hunt you down =/


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