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*Testing Testing* ...Hello?


I'm, Doom.

I've loved videogames my whole life! And because of that I've always wanted to make my own games. Because of my nostalgia for oldschool games I'm going to focus on creating cool and exciting retro games with a modern twist!


So far, I've made a puzzle platformer game called Koala Kids (Steam).

And 3DRPG , a randomly generated oldschool voxel rpg game (Steam).

Latest release is Oh No! Bugs! a 4-player arcade game (Steam).


Before all this I've worked at Starbreeze Studios and developed Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena, Syndicate and a couple of other cancelled projects (bummer =/ ).


Well, that's it I guess? I'll update more later.. X) byeee~ <3




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