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Wildemar Daniel Doomgriever

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Company Info


I'm, Wildemar Doomgriever

I've loved videogames my whole life! And because of that I've always wanted to make my own games.

So far,  I've made a puzzle platformer game called Koala Kids (Steam).

And 3DRPG , a randomly generated oldschool voxel rpg game (Steam).

Then Oh No! Bugs! a 4-player arcade game (Steam).

Latest game is This Strange Realm Of Mine an FPS  with poetry (Steam)

Right now I'm working on Strange Realms (link)

Also a Nintendo Switch port of This Strange Realm Of Mine (Q1 2020)

Before all this I've worked at Starbreeze Studios and developed Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena, Syndicate and a couple of other cancelled projects (bummer =/ ).

I'm currently residing somewhere in Sweden.

I'd love it if you played my games, bought some t-shirts (link) and stream / let's play / review and so on.


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